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Welcome to my website! Since it is unlikely that you are here for the event, almost certainly share my passion for dollhouses. The dollshouse and animals (dogs, but especially cats) are the things I love most and the name of this site is a tribute to a sweet cat. The love of miniature houses comes from far away, started in 1990 when, by chance, I won in a raffle bar a little house, those who sell toy stores, without children, without electricity or wallpaper ceramic ornaments. It seemed to me beautiful and I started going around to find the furniture to furnish it ... finding little in my city, I tried on the internet ...
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And so I began to learn about the world of dollshouse "series" ... Since then I have started to devote myself to dollhouses ... The construction of a house, but even that of an environment is always a challenge for me. Everything must be perfect and the more "real" as possible. The initial idea can come from all over: environment real, a particular object or character to be included in a scene ... Have met many people, artists who in recent years have accompanied me and of which jealously guards the works, people who have a passion their craft and who have taught me everything I know, I thank them now publicly: are the testimony that art is never jealous of herself ... And finally, I thank my sister Liana who shared this passion with me, accompanying me always, praising me but also harshly criticizing me and finding even the smallest imperfections ...
Well that's enough !!! I leave you with pictures of my little work. You will find the website updated whenever I have news to offer. Leave comments, suggestions, questions ...critical! I am convinced that the comparison is always profitable.

See you soon. Ludmilla
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