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Victorian Era. The initial idea was to create a familiar and intimate scene place in a gorgeous Victorian setting. I entirely built the roombox to have precisely the spaces that I would serve to realize the scene. Here too, the little girl and her dad are of DCT. The magnificent animals are of Pocket People, the doll that the child shows to his cat is Ethel Hicks, and pastries for tea on the table are The Inglese Kitchen on a tray of Stokesay Ware, while the tea's service is Reutter. On the little tables at the sides of the fireplace there are two lamps Ray Storey and various objects: books, photo frame, a bottle with glasses Glasscraft Miniatures. In these as in other little tables every surface is completely covered, tribute to the best Victorian tradition. At the end roombox contains many small treasures that help to create the atmosphere itself!

Victorian bathroom. The idea for this roombox (which is in fact a "room to hang"), I came from a picture I found on the web (here below), what did you say there I was able to reproduce the same effect?

Santa Claus's Box. I realized this RoomBox to give an appropriate home to Santa Claus of Fine Design who had been on the cover of brochure of one of the first Christmas fairs in Kensington. For this I built a wooden and glass small box covered with a paper Christmas parcels. There are many gifts under the tree: there is a roombox scale 144 identical to the one that contains and with the same wrapping paper, a small coach Chris Sturgess, a carousel built by a kit of Judit Dowden In Some small way ... On the chimney, between the garland  that I realized, there are a little doll and a stocking Ethel Hicks.

Child's Room. I made this room to an acquaintance who wanted to give their daughter in law for the birth of the first grandchild. In the room there is everything  a baby would want to have so the roombox is also a best wishes for a happy future and full of serenity. Many items are made by me: the model of the toy train in the foreground, the rugs, the curtains for the window. I wanted the bed were "true": has a mattress with striped cloth, linen, cotton cover. The pillow slips revealing the pillow.

Carousel. More than a roombox Carousel is a moving scene: resting on a turntable tells a little story of our day. It 'was the first time I created something that illustrate what I had written, is an experiment that I was very amused ... Here's the story says: It 'night, in the sky the stars shine Ferdinand and Francesca are in the living room by the fireplace with their dog Luna. Their home is elegant full of memories and beautiful things accumulated over the years. They love to spend the evenings so the fireplace, he reading the newspaper, her his books on gardening. Behind them the garden door, Francesca tends the garden personally and loves to spend the morning in spring, there are all the flowers favorite. In one corner a little house for the birds provides shelter in harsh winter months. A small window in the upper part of the wall, provides light but leaves the garden away from prying eyes. Beyond that window is Lara, housewife, a life spent working for others, cooking, washing, clean the ground, not even time for a styling! Always locked in the kitchen, where to find out whether it is morning or evening, you have to look up at the cutout of the sky you see from that little window up there. To keep her company only her cat Teo, more interested, to be honest, to mice that invade the alley. It is a constant struggle between Lara and him: the first closes the door for fear of mice and to lock odors proceeds from outside, the second would follow her instincts as a hunter and catch the prey! And then there's this corner of the alley, a receptacle of things abandoned, overturned trash cans, old rusty objects. In the bins  increasingly messy feast mice undisturbed. Everything here is dirty, dirty and forgotten, even the old poster that who knows who will be attacked. Even here the stars shine as in the garden of Francesca but the wall that divides the house is solid and impenetrable ... A space like a carousel: different lives tied and divided by the walls and above all, the same, the same sky …

Poor House.  When I built poor house I wanted the room looked bare and left to itself: the walls blackened and crumbling, the joists floor held together by nails, the few things present crude and too used. The bed is just a mattress with many blankets to guard against the intense cold. Maybe the old man to live on the street selling roasted chestnuts... there are a bit 'on the stove. Outside the door there is a small courtyard dirty and damp where they hung out to dry a few things. Ray Storey lights illuminate the scene, the tired cat is of Fine design, the little man sleeping is DCT.

The great banquet. Even in this roombox the room does not end with a simple wall but with a window and a door facing in a large garden, the light is dawn. For the first time I used the neon and I must say that the final effect is what I wanted. A cat looks out from one crack of the door, while the rats feasting on the remains of a table sumptuously wanting. Under the window there is a small hole in the baseboard from which they entered... All the mice and the cat are of Falcon.

The Christmas's shop. This too is a real stock! Here is place the Christmas tree of Al Morbido Topotto, decorations Parkland, the ornaments that have not yet been "sold". Everything is exposed to the delight of the eyes and for good peace of my memory!!!

The tea of the past. This was one of the first roombox that I built. Here the room is only a pretext, while the master a great balcony overlooking a huge garden. To be able to look down on the roof of roombox cut and replaced it with a glass. The white chandelier is Ray Storey, the grandmother and the child are of DCT, the cat of Fine Design. I made a small greenhouse that hosts a bonsai Bev Gallerani (such as the basket of hydrangeas) from a kit Robin Betterley. The wisteria is made from a kit Miniature Garden Centre, while the ivy is made by myself with leaves cut with a punch and painted one by one. Finally the floor and all elements of the balustrade of the terrace are Sue Cook.

The kitchen. I created this roombox in imitation of my kitchen. The belief is Patrizia Saints while I used for the floor tiles of R.Stacey.

The Rita's kitchen. I did the Rita's kitchen for a passionate person of miniatures. All the furniture (except the sink and plate rack) are made from kits Mini Mundus. All the tiles are Eurosia's miniatures. The beautiful cook is DCT. In the chest is the embroidered linen that, alas, is not seen in the picture! All furniture contain in their interior accessories like a real kitchen. The exterior of the roombox is decorated with decoupage technique. The image you see through the window can be changed.

The flower girl. The flower girl was born as a repository for all my clay pots and plants waiting for placing. Eventually became a shop and, as a real shop, the merchandise is constantly changing! wheelbarrow outside is a miniature of Nantasy Fantasy.

The nature takes its course. I have long sought a suitable structure to set the story of the red cat and pan fish. Possessed in fact for a long time the four cats. Finally I came across this frame that I have deepened and shot-sided. I left the poor in particular scenes and I chose white because it did highlight the red cat. I must say that I find the result very funny!!!

The school. This roombox has been realized with the kit Mini Mundus. The wooden box, instead, I built choosing appropriate measures to contain the scene.

The Manuela's fairies. I made this roombox for a passionate person of fairies. The fairies are Sally Reader. All the shelves of the shop hosting different scenes with backgrounds that evoke the different seasons.

Passions in competition. Passions in competition in 2010 I earned a second place in the RoomBox competition at Miniaturitalia, the theme that year was The passion. I wanted to recreate the same room where the competition takes place: there is the showcase of premiums, cups and medals for the winners, the fair's posters and there's even a box where the visitors's votes are collected. All the works exhibited are made by me from kits in scale 144.

For child and baby birth.

The romantic room. The inspiration for this roombox which has the same size as the Victorian Bath I was born from my actual bedroom. I decorated the closet with the decoupage technique while for the bed I personally made the cover knitted in moss lined with satin, lace pillows, sheets, the springs under the mattress ... well ... everything! The sky above the bed is actually a hanging pots that I turned into the canopy!

Years ago I saw a beautiful roombox of a great artist, since that day has been a long time and only today I could finally recreate the atmosphere of serenity that had sent me that room. We are in a bedroom, from its windows you can see the street lamps already lit but the day has not yet given way to night, it is the time when children go to sleep, Mom with baby in her arms is talking with her little girl lying on the carpet, perhaps is telling a fairy tale, a moment of absolute perfect serenity. Serenity was an opportunity to do things that I like and use the techniques learned after years of mistakes/horrors: the needlepoint: the carpets, cushions and footrest are made by Janet Granger kit, sewing (the bedding, a "real" bed that can undo leaving to air the mattress!), the decoupage for the trunk of the games, the decor of wood (all the furniture is made by me from kit). And then my last passion: the baskets! This is the first really watchable !!! The 1/144 scale is another of my passions, here the dollhouse is made like a little house 1/12, wallpaper, carpets and curtains included, there are no furniture but you know that girls like to move! But one roombox for me is also the place where gather my "treasures" because there is nothing better than to carefully see what you've racked up inserted into a proper context. And so in this room is devoted to my dolls Ethel Hicks, the jack-in-the-box and the theater of Valerie Casson with two fairies of Sallie Reader, the beautiful cage of Pierluigi Pirovano. The dolls are of Irma Joossen while the cat and the dog are of Annie Willis of Fine design. This Roombox is my little tribute to her, a great artist who left us too soon.

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