Ludmilla's Creations

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The best thing for a collector of dollshouse like me is to be surrounded by in his daily objects that remind him of his Hobby. Thus were born many of my creations: a book that hides an entire library or a small secret love, a coat rack that houses an entire house and finally a bedside lamp inside which there is an elegant living room ...

The library. It seems strange, but this is one of the things that cost me more time to research the material! Find all objects that would render the scene likely was quite a feat! The height of the libraries, in fact, was dependent whole scene, and it was really difficult to find that size! Despite all this trouble my sister criticized me saying it lacked the staircase connecting the two floors! The light on the desk is powered by a battery located behind the false bottom that I created in the same desk. The items on the shelf are Reutter. The cat's Falcon.

House shelf. I found this coat already in the guise of a small house from the shop of my friend Nicola Lagioia and I enjoyed to furnish the rooms. All the lights are battery.

Cats's house. Mindful of the criticism of my little sister, the first thing I tried when I realized this book was ... the scale! Use this book to keep my collection of cats, as you see, is conspicuous! Every now and then someone comes and someone else is home! The beautiful red and grattatoio the litter box for the litter are Eleonora Cappelletti. I made the seats of two kits of a house bought at newsstands. All cats are of Falcon.

Lamp. I made this lamp-house with a lot of enthusiasm. The ability to have a small room added everyday object here, in my opinion, its highest expression! The interior is decorated with much pomp everything gleams of light, gold and crystals. There is also a small lamp in miniature that plays a small house! The photo with the frame are Nicola Lagioia, in his shop Silk Crete and I often find inspiration!

Little secrets. The inspiration came from the cover and what could be more of a secret love between two little friends? I used the technique of decoupage for the cover and the background of the window, and despite the small space, I preferred to use real thin bricks for the wall and the floor (all of R.Stacey).

This lampshade is loosely based on the book “The Secret Garden” by Frances H.Burnett. I wanted to describe the final moment when the garden back to life and the little friend of the protagonist finally comes out of its isolation. Thanks to Robert Verrecchia for nest robin has kindly sent!

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