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Mediterranean is a small house in which they are particularly fond of for two reasons: first of all because it allowed me to win the contest forDollshouses of Miniaturitalia in 2009 and then because it embodies the spirit of the world I live in, a world of dazzling colors and contrasts, a place that could be in any city of the sea overlooking, indeed, on the Mediterranean. For this reason, in this project, many things are"Borrowed" from the world of the Nativity: the tiles, the pizza oven, the lanterns, the elements that are part of our tradition. In the front Imade a kit Miniature Garden Centre while the little man who sleeps, like almost all the dolls are used to DCT, created specifically for thatme. The blue chairs were bought in Santorini. All animals are creations of Fine Design. The tiles of all extensions and the fountain the restaurant is Le Miniatures Eurosia. All the "goodies" are exposed to Italian artists: Silvia Cucchi, Minicaretti, La Bottega Annie.

Parkland house was my first big project and it has taken for its implementation almost six years !!! Before I had not done anything but my only built the houses that came out on newsstands. The intent was to create a dwelling current Victorian atmosphere. What you see (but even that which is not seen!) is the result of painstaking research to be as close as possible to the original project. In the bedroom I realized entirely tapestries while purchases of the hostess are Patrizia Santi, handbag and trunk are Jose Gomez. in the room the little girl in the nursery and the furniture is in some small way, the magical atmosphere of the lights throughout the house was made by Ray Store lighting, while all chimneys are Sue Cook Miniatures.

For Al Morbido Topotto I used a kit that Sid Cooke partially retouched, replacing windows and adding a bow window side. The name is, again, related to my passion for cats: topotto is precisely one of the names by which my sister and I call them! The outside (but also all terracotta loors interior) is completely bricked with the materials of Grandad's toy and the windows are lit even if the store is closed! Here, too, all the chandeliers are Ray Storey Lighting. Al Morbido Topotto to sell real toys: no plastic or video games! While the ground floor we find many stuffed animals, fantastic toys from Chris Sturgess, automata of L&A St Leger and the creations of Judith Dowden; the first floor is divided between Child department in which stand out among other dolls from Ethel Hicks, and department Dollshouse where there is everything you want find in a store dedicated: houses already made but also wallpapers, floors, doors, windows, kits and of course, lots of furniture to furnish your house. On the top floor there is a fully equipped laboratory (where the toymaker is building a dollshouse) and the Child department: here is all a triumph of trains, rocking horses and toy cars. Above, in the attic, which can be reached by a staircase concealed, there is all that is needed for dress shop in the other seasons and some dollshouses waiting to be bought and then to live in our fantasies ...

The Sea of Winter comes from a kit Dollshouse Emporium resting on a platform covered with sand (IKEA). The idea came to me from a photo advertising and thought to realize it by introducing also a house that was a bit 'a refuge for those who loved the seareally. Living in a city as Bari the relationship with the sea is not limited to the hot weather but it's part of our life and why I liked the idea of imagining a winter beach. Small curiosity: the fabric of the curtain in the bathroom was one of my summer skirt that I used to go to the beach …

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